Orthotics Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

If you are suffering from aching, throbbing or sharp heel pains during the day you may be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. This condition involves a damaged or inflamed plantar fascia, which is an important ligament in the foot. It is found on the sole of the foot and the fibrous tissue runs from the heel bone to the ball area near the toes. When this ligament is inflamed or damaged, it can cause severe pain that affects your mobility.

Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms

Here are some of the common symptoms that are associated with this condition:

  • Redness, heat or swelling in the heel area
  • Foot pain when rising from a sitting position
  • Burning, sharp or aching pain in the heel
  • May affect one or both feet
  • Limping
  • Pain may decrease then return later

This condition is progressive and can eventually become debilitating. It’s important to get treatment right away and fortunately there are effective, natural options available that will resolve the problem. Many cases can be treated with non-invasive, natural methods without the need for surgery, injections or medications. This treatment option is a 3-step approach that includes:

Resting the foot

Some time should be devoted each day to resting the feet to take pressure off the ligament.

Ice packs

An ice bag should be applied to the heel 2x per day for 20 minutes. This will help keep the inflammation at bay and will help numb the soreness.


Customized orthotics will relieve the pressure on the ligament. We may recommend a shoe insert, a wrap, a splint or a combination of orthotics to promote healing.

Plantar Fasciitis can be caused from standing on the feet regularly for extended periods of time, flat feet, high arches, a tight Achilles tendon in the heel, pronation (the ligament doesn’t transfer its weight evenly), obesity, aging, improper footwear or trauma. It can affect both young and old and is recognized as the leading cause of pain in the heel area. It can affect anyone at any time and even people that lead a more sedentary lifestyle may find themselves struggling with this foot pain.

If you are looking for relief from heel pain please contact us today. There are non-invasive, natural methods available to treat this condition and other foot afflictions and we would be happy to go over your options with you. We understand that you need your feet to be in top condition and we’ll work together with you to achieve this goal.