Common Foot Conditions for Seniors

Many seniors struggle with foot problems including feeling intense pain in their feet. It’s estimated one out of every three seniors aged 65 and above regularly suffers from aching, stiff or sharp foot pain. To complicate matters, some conditions such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis and diabetes can aggravate existing conditions and cause further damage.

Some of the most commonly experienced conditions include the following:

Toenail Complications
Caring for the toenails becomes more difficult as we age and many seniors cannot easily reach their toes. When toenails aren’t cut regularly, it can lead to discoloured, thickened or ingrown toenails as well as toenail fungus.

This is a painful condition that occurs when the toe joints start to curl under or upwards. If not treated properly, it can become a serious problem leading to a permanently dislocated joint.
This is also a painful condition involving a misaligned bone or a bony growth underneath the big toe. The big toe may start to bend towards the small toe and can cause a large amount of pain when walking or putting on shoes.

Patients suffering from diabetes may experience reduced feeling and sensation in their feet due to disrupted circulation. Ulcers may also develop and won’t heal properly unless treated properly.

Gout and rheumatoid arthritis can contribute to a deformed foot and also create swelling and long term inflammation.

These foot conditions should be addressed promptly in seniors to prevent further damage from occurring, reduce pain and improve mobility. Not only is it difficult to take part in day-to-day activities with sore feet, the effects can easily and quickly become more serious and lead to other negative symptoms. Strong foot hygiene is a top priority for seniors and any underlying conditions should be kept under control with proper medication and care.

At Thornhill Foot Clinic we help seniors remain independent and active by addressing the root cause of their pain in the fastest and most effective manner possible. If you are a senior in need of foot care or have a loved one that is suffering from pain or discomfort, please give your #1 Chiropodist & Podiatrist in Thornhill a call today at (905) 597-6638 or visit our website at

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