How to Relieve Foot Pain


There are many reasons why your feet may become sore. You may have a certain condition that is affecting your feet, you may have to stand on them all day or you may have started doing something new that your feet just aren’t used to. No matter what the reason is for your foot pain, there is some form of relief available for it.

There are a lot of different occupations that require a person to remain on the feet all day including nursing, waitressing, teaching, cooking, bartending and many others. If you are on your feet for the majority of the day you may find that your feet are protesting later in the evening.

In order to get quick relief keep a plastic water bottle that is half full of water in the freezer and pull it out at night. Place the bottle on the floor and sit down in a comfortable chair. Gently roll the bottom of your foot over the bottle for 15 to 20 minutes. Any muscle inflammation will be decreased due to the coldness, which will reduce the pain.

You can also the bottom of your foot against a tennis ball that is placed on the floor. Stand up to do this exercise and push down gently with your foot to roll the ball while you’re standing.

If your feet are painful and you don’t have access to a tennis ball or ice in a water bottle, simply stretch your foot muscles and your toes for a few minutes at a time as a soothing foot massage. You can also soak your feet in a container of salt water for 15 minutes.

The best way to prevent foot pain from overuse is to wear proper shoes. Anyone that is working in a situation where they are on their feet for hours at a time should invest in high-quality shoes that have a heel that is no lower than 1/4 inch and no higher than 2 inches.

If at all possible, try to take some sitting breaks when you can during the workday. If this won’t work for you, lift up one leg at a time while leaning on a piece of furniture or even the wall to take some weight off of your feet.

If you are suffering from a certain foot condition, you may find that the tips listed above don’t provide the relief you’d expect. If you have foot pain that is severe or constant, you may require medical attention. At Thornhill Foot Clinic we can assess your situation and determine the source and the location of the foot pain. We can then make treatment recommendations based on any problems we see. Contact us today at (905) 597-6638 or visit our site at to schedule a consultation.

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